A Note from Crofty

There are some great sounding places in Texas. Bigfoot, Uncertain and Nameless to name but three. Noodle and the old Ghost Town of Kickapoo deserve a mention too, but the little hamlet of Ding Dong? Well that deserves a visit if you ask me.

Which is why I’m packing early for the US Grand Prix this year and heading to Texas on a Monday morning. 

Johnny Herbert and I have a road trip planned. Those very nice boy and girls at Infiniti have loaned us a QX80, so big that I fear JH might not be able to see over the dashboard. So, after a day in Dallas - I’ve always wanted to stand on the Grassy Knoll, we’re heading south for brunch in Hamilton. Yes there’s a town called Hamilton in Texas too and after a visit to Hamburger Hill, where in honour of the 1996 Champ, we’re feasting on the Hill Special, it’s off to Ding Dong, situated in Bell County - where else? - and population 22!

I’ve got the #Croftys100 Playlist standing by for some serious road trip tunes. There’s a bag of Haribos in my suitcase as you always need journey sweets and I’ve even printed off a route map, just in case we can’t work the sat nav. 

I can’t think of a better way to start what is fast becoming one of the highlights of the F1 season. There’s nobody that doesn’t enjoy a trip to Austin for the Grand Prix. If you like good food and great music, well this city has plenty to offer. It also likes to party so don’t expect to sleep much. And this year it could also see the title race decided and Lewis Hamilton win his third championship. I’ve done the sums and I make it that if he outscores Vettel by 9 points and Rosberg by 2 points, it’s all over. 

All over with three races to go. Where’s the excitement then in the rest of the season? Well, there’s a return to Mexico City a week after Austin. The brilliance of Interlagos and the Brazilian GP, oh and the spectacle of racing under lights once again in Abu Dhabi. Not a bad trio of races to wrap up the year really.

But in the meantime it’s back to the packing. Now where are my swim shorts? Johnny and I need to be in Austin by 4pm on Wednesday. Apparently we’re going paddle boarding with Alex Rossi. Never done it before, I don’t expect to be standing up for long!!!