Mexico Top Tracks

1. Slayer - Relentless

So if you’re driving from Austin to Dallas and you need a tune to kick start an epic iPod war with Simon Lazenby, you pick this one right? Well you’d be daft not to. Intense and angry and just about everything you’d want from a Slayer track. It’s an epic album and this, the title track from it, proves that Slayer still have plenty to offer the world, let alone an Infiniti QX80 on the road to Dallas!

2. Pantera - Cowboys From Hell

Now credit to the boy Lazenby. I gave him Slayer, he came back at me with this classic and at that point I had major respect. 25 years old and still sounding as good as new. By the time this finished I swear Johnny Herbert’s ears were bleeding!

3. Brody Dalle - Don’t Miss With Me

Right, enough of the road trip nonsense and to a track I’ve been meaning to stick on the playlist for a while. The brilliant Brody Dalle from last years release Diploid Love. Her first solo album and after a few listens this one will be stuck in your head for a long time to come.

4. Walter Trout - Cold, Cold Ground

So on the Tuesday morning in Austin, I made my annual pilgrimage to Waterloo Records  - my favourite record store on the planet bar none - and amongst the multitude of CD’s that I left with was Walter Trout’s, quite frankly, epic new album Battle Scars. I could have included so many tracks but this one, with it’s, quite stunning, guitar solos has got my attention more than others. That may change as I’m only on the third listen. Not bad though as I’ve only had the CD for a day! This for me is a defiant, blues rallying call that, despite coming so close to it last year, Walter's not ready for death yet. It’s his 42nd album release, an incredible back catalogue and for me this record, even after just a day’s listening will surely end up as one of THE albums of the year. If you like the blues, you’ll love this

5 - Blitzen Trapper - Furr

So I was talking to a friend in Austin who said that the highlight of his trip so far had been seeing Blitzen Trapper in concert. Apparently he was casually walking past a bar and there they were. I had to admit that Bltizen Trapper had so far eluded my musical consciousness, so I went back to my room looked them up and as a result, have put this wistful remembrance song about a Werewolf on the latest playlist. It’s catchy as hell, shades of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and although not a new release, it’s new to me. Don’t you love it when you discover something new.