Brazil Top Tracks

First things first, Interlagos is an absolute delight to visit each year. It shouldn’t be, the traffic’s a nightmare, the city is on the edgy side of dangerous, it often rains, you’re constantly short of breath due to being 800 or so, metres above sea level, and the facilities aren’t the easiest to work in. But a combination of the fans, the atmosphere, the track itself and the racing it produces, always finds me leaving Sao Paolo with a massive smile on my face. 

So as a tribute to that here’s five tracks for the playlist that for some reason we shouldn’t have such fond regard for, but deep down inside, we absolutely love them. Sit back, hit play and enjoy



1. Chas & Dave - Ain’t No Pleasing You

Some say they were nothing more than a Cockney novelty band but Chas & Dave were always a little more than that. Chas’s first band were supported by the Beatles, Dave when he was a session musician actually played Bass on a track that would later be sampled by Eminem for ‘My Name Is Slim Shady’. If there was any justice in the world, both would have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame years ago. As 80’s as 'Frankie says Relax' t-shirts but way more enduring, this is a proper song


2. Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better

First Bond film I ever saw was The Spy Who Loved Me and as far as I’m concerned it’s still the best. Underwater Lotus? I rest my case. And this is the best Bond Theme bar none. So as we’re all talking Spectre and Sam Smith at the moment it seemed only right that I put this on the playlist to remind us all how a Bond film should be done.


3. Aerosmith - I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Okay it’s another slushy song, but along with Nobody Does It Better, I’ve smooched with Mrs C to this one at the end of a gig at Nottingham’s Rock City. Top venue, if you haven’t gone you need to, and it seems they always play something a little soothing as the band head off the stage. And this is a great song to smooch too with your other half, you know it is.


4. REO Speedwagon - Roll With The Changes

Let’s face it, this is not a cool song but it’s as catchy as Bird Flu but a damn sight more pleasant. Taken from the brilliantly named You Can Tune A Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish, it’s everything there is to love about 80’s Big Hair Rock, despite being released in 1978. 


5. Journey - Don’t Stop Believing

Long before Glee this was a brilliant song, still is, always will be, although that particular TV series didn’t do it any favours. Personally speaking it’s mine and Mrs C’s song, has been ever since our first time in Vegas, when we ended up at one of the best parties I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to and the house band played a great version half way through the night. And like the love songs on this playlist, we’ve smooched and danced our way through many more versions ever since!