Malaysia GP Top Tracks

Joe Pug - If Still It Can’t Be Found -  I’ve been a massive fan of Joe’s since 2012 when he released The Great Despiser and his new release “Windfall”, of which this is the stunning closer, is equally brilliant. The Austin based singer/songwriter is over in the UK at the start of June and if you get the chance to see him then do, you won’t be disappointed. Compare him to Dylan or Springsteen if you wish, personally I think he’s more than good enough to stand on his own with compare. 

The Delta Riggs - I Was Profound Tomorrow - If you’re in Australia and you’ve seen the Foo Fighters recently then you’ll know all about The Delta Riggs. Legend has it their support slot was confirmed only hours after Dave Grohl had seen this Sydney band perform. Chances are though, even outside of Australia you’ll have come across them by now, if not then I hope you like this track. I Was Profound Tomorrow is from their 2013 release Hex.Lover.Killer. Even Jimmy Page is a fan, and when it comes to music, he’s not a bad judge now.

Halestorm - Amen The new release from this Grammy Award winning Pennsylvania quartet and taken from their forthcoming third album Into The Wild Life which is out next month. Lzzy Hale has a great voice, Halestorm make brilliant fist pumping rock and roll, it’s simple really and so addictive they’re rarely far away from my playlists.

Royal Blood - Out Of The Black Other than Madonna falling flat on her backside, the best result at The Brits this year was that Royal Blood won Best British Band. For once I can’t argue with that, their debut album is an absolute belter and Out Of The Black is a ‘sit up, wake up, shut up and listen!!’ opener to it. Enjoy.

Marilyn Manson  - Deep Six - Okay, so he’s a bit ‘musical marmite’ but when he gets it’s right, Marilyn Manson is right up there with the best of them. Deep Six is from his latest album, The Pale Emperor, his best release in a long, long while. It’s funky, uplifting even but it keeps it’s roots firmly in the gutter. Love it!