Australia GP Top Tracks

Bloodline by The Slow Show - I was ironing when I first heard this, I remember because I went from grumpy boy trying to get creases out of an uncooperative shirt to chilled man in an instant. A stunning track that demands extended listening, you won’t be sorry to have spent 5 minutes of your life in the company of this brilliant tune.

Congregation by The Foo Fighters - Let’s face it we all want to be Dave Grohl, but we can’t, so instead sing along to their new single from Sonic Highways.

One By One by Massive - It would be wrong not to include a local band in my Top 5 for Australia, so step forward Massive, Melbourne’s finest and a track from their debut album that shows why one day they will be Massive!

New Day Rising by The Von Hertzen Brothers - It’s a grower is this and by a few listens you’ll be hooked. Three bothers from Finland who on those dark winter nights create some excellent tunes.

The Last Garrison by Enter Shikari - I warn you that there may be a couple of naughty words in this song, but you’ll take no notice as you bounce along to this powerful little ditty from St Albans finest.