China and Bahrain GP Top Tracks

Buckcherry - Lawless and Lulu

Seriously good ‘Get down and boogie' rock ’n’ roll from a band I first saw live at 11am on a Sunday morning. And the perfect hangover cure it was too!

AS IT IS - Concrete

 New Pop-Punk from Brighton, exceptionally catchy, one listen and you’re hooked, trust me.

The Answer - Nowhere Freeway

Been a fan of The Answer for years, and whilst I was tempted to include something from their latest release I couldn’t not include this on a Top 100. Cormac Neeson has got a fantastic voice and when it’s backed up by St Jude’s Lynne Jackaman it’s pure dynamite.

The Gaslight Anthem - Selected Poems

It took a few listens to really appreciate Gaslight’s last release but I’ve grown to love it and Selected Poems is a brilliant anthem from what is a damn good album.

Bruce Springsteen featuring Tom Morello - The Ghost of Tom Joad

The first (and definitely not the last) Bruce track on the playlist, taken from the 2014 release High Hopes. This was a very good song on one of his most underrated albums when it was first released. But the rocked up version featuring Morello’s inspired guitar solo gives it a stark and more industrial feel. Backed up by Max Weinberg’s steady but powerful drum beat, it truly is an epic track that demands repeated listening.

Motor Sister - Beg Borrow Steal

Sounds strange but it’s true. Scott Ian (Anthrax guitarist) celebrates his 50th Birthday by reviving the sound of an L.A Rock Band that disbanded years ago. The result? Mother Superior become Motor Sister and once more Jim Wilson’s blues soaked rock and roll comes alive. After the party, the album, Ride, was recorded in just a couple of days and it truly is brilliant. What a birthday present :))

One Way - The Levellers

Because there’s only one way to live your life, and that’s your own. Right? You gotta love The Levellers.

The Decemberists - Make You Better

Mrs C thinks this sounds like it belongs in the 80’s and she’s probably right. But if there’s a hint of nostalgia in your mind when you listen, I don’t think that’s a bad thing here. Just a really catchy track on a super album (What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World) that came out late last year. And for some reason I smile a lot when I hear it, which also can’t be a bad thing.

The War On Drugs - Eyes To The Wind

Brilliant album (Lost In The Dream), album of the year for me last year and a track that at 5.55 minutes long is about 9 years too short for my liking :)) I have Simon Lazenby to thank for introducing me to The War On Drugs, I owe him big time.

Van Morrison - Into The Mystic

Talking of Simon Lazenby. We were in conversation with Damon and Colesy (one of our producers) on the flight back from Australia, talking music and more specifically, the tracks that just never seem to age. Well, this is the perfect example, 45 years old this year and still absolutely magnificent.