Monaco GP Top Tracks

Masters Of War - Eddie Vedder

Dylan’s classic protest song of the futility of war. One of my favourite Dylan tracks and I just love this live version from Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready. Vedder’s vocals add power to a song which has lost none of it’s potency in the 53 years since it was first written.

Alive - Pearl Jam

It would be wrong to include Vedder and McCready without featuring Alive, Pearl Jam’s tour de force and one of THE great guitar solo’s of all time. The song is dark, part fiction, part autobiographical and the title refers to the fact that amidst all of the revelations in the song itself, the only thing the subject can cling to is the fact that he’s still ‘Alive’. An all time classic and it had to go on the playlist.

Another You - Of Mice And Men

Haunting, chilling Metalcore, say what you like about Austin Carlile’s vocals but they get me everytime. Been playing this track a lot recently.  

Make It Stop (September’s Children)  - Rise Against

A stand out track from this Chicago punk band. Absolutely love it, heard it on the radio just a couple of weeks ago and thought it worthy of a spot on the playlist.

Sleeping With Sirens - Go Go Go

I make no apologies for the Playlist being a bit on the heavy side this time around and it finishes with a new track from Sleeping With Sirens. Watch out for the naughty language in the first line, but other than that, sing it as loudly as you possibly can. It’s infectious. Top tune.