Austria GP Top Tracks

I’d Rather Go Blind - Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

First up, this song, this ultimate song of defiance, is an all time classic. Second, Beth Hart was born to sing it and Thirdly, Joe Bonamassa is the perfect choice to collaborate with. Together these two have produced some wonderful tracks, Check out ‘Sunday Kind Of Love’, another Etta James classic, from their 2013 release, ‘Seesaw’. If you’re not moved by this song, you have no soul and I can’t help you, if you are then join the club.

Slow Gin - Joe Bonamssa

And don’t think I’d leave a Bonamassa original out of my 100 tunes. Love Joe’s work, have done for a long, long, time and will do for a long, long, time to come. If extended guitar solos are your thing, and they’re very much my thing, you will love this.

Mein Land - Rammstein

As there’s no German GP this year the Austrian weekend will have to do. German industrial marching metal from one of the best bands to see live ever. I always like to think that Sebastian Vettel listens to this track before he goes out to qualify, sadly I’m told he doesn’t.

Another Heart - Tremonti

Another catchy little ditty, this time from Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti and taken from his brilliant current album Cauterize. Slightly heavier than his work with Alter Bridge it’s still a radio friendly little ditty that deserves a wider audience. Expect to see this man filling out big stadiums, even without the help of Miles Kennedy in the future.

Vice Grip - Parkway Drive

Heard this for the first time the other day and was utterly dumbstruck. Despite moving away from their metalcore roots Winston and the boys have produced something a little more… well, just metal really. It’s a brilliant change of direction, open your mind - and more importantly - your ears and you’ll be singing/shouting the chorus for weeks to come. Love this track, can’t wait for the new album.