Canada GP Top Tracks

1. Summer Vibe - Walk Off The Earth

The heatwave is coming so we’re told, and when it does you’ll want to singing this as you melt in the sunshine. One of the most creative and unique bands out there as you can see for yourself when they tour the UK in the Autumn, got my tickets already :))

 2. Go First - Rose Cousins

I first heard this when it was used as a track on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve barely stopped blubbing since. Season 9 Episode 17 if you want the exact details, somebody died, it was very sad. If you like this though check out the album ‘We Have Made A Spark’ it really is quite beautiful.

 3. The Lion  - Monster Truck

In the same year that Rose Cousins won her ‘Juno’ Award, Monster Truck picked up theirs for Breakthrough Group Of The Year. They also released ‘Furiosity’ which remains one of the most played albums in my collection, and this track, The Lion, is my favourite track on it. Whilst it doesn’t exactly re-invent the wheel, it bloody well rocks and that’s good enough for me.

 4. Alicia Ross - Kathleen Edwards

You can’t feature the best in Canadian music without including Kathleen Edwards, one of my favourite artists. This track, taken from her 2008 Asking For Flowers, is based around the story of a young girl who was murdered by her neighbour. It’s a stunning piece of music and Edwards vocals add so much to a very moving piece of music.

 5. Road Sick  - Cancer Bats

A bit of a gear change from the previous track, the storm after the calm so to speak but once again, you can’t leave the Cancer Bats off a list of top Canadian bands. Full on hardcore metal from Toronto’s finest with just a twist of AC/DC. Or is it only me that can hear the riff from ‘Let There Be Rock’?