David Croft Writes for Silverstone

There was a lot of talk in Austria over the weekend about what was currently wrong in F1. As you entered the Paddock on Thursday even the front page headline in the Red Bulletin magazine had that very question in big bold type. Not exactly an unexpected headline after the owner of the fizzy drinks company had chosen that week to speak out about how unhappy he was and how a Red Bull departure from the sport was still a possibility.

The fact that Dietrich Mateschitz had chosen only to speak to a Red Bull owned website and that the Red Bull owned Red Bulletin had then followed up with a critic of the sport, whilst the Red Bull team have not exactly been shy of expressing throughout this year how unhappy they were at the current regulation restrictions and how it was affecting their team, plus the fact that the team had chosen this race to take their first engine penalties of this season, might lead you to wonder if this was not an orchestrated attempt to set an agenda.

It could be complete coincidence of course, but somehow I doubt it. I can see why Red Bull are unhappy with the way things are going on the track this year, but to keep pressing the point that they might not stick around too much longer does rather look like bully boy tactics if they can’t get their way.