A Note from Crofty

So, 9 races down, 10 more to go. The 2015 season flies by swifter than Johnny Herbert running for an ice cream. He likes a ‘Magnum’ does Herbert, so thanks to Sarah and all at Williams F1 for keeping the freezer well stocked so far!

Whilst we’re talking Williams, the team hosted a brilliant Quiz Night for the British Media during the Austrian GP, which Ted, Rachael, our producer Emma and James from the Sky F1 website managed a credible second. I forget where Johnny, Simon and Damon came, but it was nearer the back than the front from my vague recollection.

One of many fun nights on the road, covering this brilliant sport with a load of my friends, not a bad way to enjoy life and I make no apologies for enjoying it.

Talking of fun, Silverstone this year was just awesome. For a start the sun came out so we got tanned, not rusty. The place was packed, I got a chance to sing on stage with a proper band on the Saturday night at Whittlebury Park and before that, danced on stage with Madness on the Thursday evening.

I was in good company as both Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard also came rushing on stage, and trust me, having seen DC’s iTunes, he’s as big a Madness fan as you can get.

It’s been brilliant meeting so many of you at the races this year. From Silverstone, to Barcelona, to Monaco as Johnny and I went for a walk on the Thursday evening and the Hawkers Market in Kuala Lumpur as Ted, Simon and I tucked into some of the best (and cheapest) curry ever piled on a plastic plate.

At the races, the fans all seem to be having fun, sadly a few of you have slightly different views on the way the season is going but I really hope after a fantastic British Grand Prix, that we’re set for a superb 2nd half.

Keep visiting the website and thank you for all your comments, particularly about the playlists, glad you like what’s on #Croftys100, there’s plenty more to come. We haven’t run out of good tunes yet.