Hungary Top Tracks

Jason Isbell - Children of Children

Taken from Something More Than Free - Isbell’s brand new album this track reminds me a touch of Neil Young, but there the comparisons end for me, for a man who album by album cements his place as one of THE great songwriters of our generation. The album is just a delight on the senses from start to finish, and this track my favourite. To suggest though that the other ten songs are in any way inferior would be wrong, the album and the man are simply that good.

Dan Patlansky - Windmills And The Sea

Last year this South African blues guitarist supported Bruce Springsteen in Johannesburg, one of the many clear indications that he’s going places and if justice is served, destined to be known by a far wider audience sometime in the near future. This track may be a little less Bluesy but I was in a mellow mood and thought it was perfect for a sunny summers evening.

Dead Sara - Something Good

The title sums up the track for me and this really is Something Good. You may have heard their song - Weatherman - a few years ago, it was on the Need For Speed video game, and sounded like Fleetwood Mac meets Rage Against The Machine, and not in a bad way believe me. This just has a happy feel to it from start to finish, proper dancing around your bedroom in your boxers music!

Bring Me The Horizon - Happy Song

I don’t know if this song is going to be universally popular with Bring Me The Horizon’s legions of fans, but I like it and after a few listens it doesn’t half grow on you. There’s the obligatory naughty words waring that goes with this tune and I’m not sure it’s about being happy at all, in fact it’s probably the opposite but it’s going to be a massive and deserves to be so.

Wearing Scars - Butterfly

A big thank to @Mrs Chunkstar for attracting my attention to these boys. They’re from Northampton, they’re debut album A Thousand Words is out on the Thursday of the Hungarian Grand Prix and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Love this track, been playing a lot in the last couple of weeks, looking forward to hearing more from them.