Summer Break Top Tracks

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats - S.O.B

Hand clapping, toe tapping, head shaking, booty moving Gospel meets Van Morrison, meets the Blues Brothers. And if you watch the video you’ll see The Blues Brothers connection even clearer. Boy is this a tune. Big man, big beard and a band with a big sound. Their new album is out on August 21st, looking forward to it.

Wilie And The Bandits - Gypsy Woman

Included on the Playlist at the recommendation of my mate Adam from whittles me this band are going down a storm in Europe at the moment. Hardly surprising once you give them listen. Folk, Blues, Rock, all rolled into one and whilst I was tempted to included their single ‘Forgiveness’ from earlier this year, I d rather like this track, taken from their 2013 release ‘Grow’

Glen Hansard - Winning Streak

He appeared in The Commitments, is lead singer with The Frames and responsible for some brilliant solo material too. Check out his version of Springsteen’s Drive All Night with Eddie Veder and Jack Clemons, if you haven’t already, but before then sit back and enjoy this track, preferably late in the evening with a glass of something cold in your hand. Just lovely.

Frank Turner - Glorious You

Taken from Turner’s brilliantly titled new album ‘Positive Songs For Negative People this celebration of friendship shouldn’t fail to put a smile on your face and something loud and happy in your heart. 

Motorhead - Electricity

New music from the rock legends ahead of their new album release this month. 2.16 minutes packed full of high intensity, full committed, does what it says on the tin, rock and roll. Next year is Moorhead’s 40th, without them life would be a hell of lot quieter and a damn sight duller. About time Lemmy got a Knighthood if you ask me!