Japanese GP Top Tracks

Kadavar  - Filthy Illusion

I stumbled across this a few nights ago when listening to Kadavar’s new album Berlin. It’s Classic Rock personified and this track is very much the highlight of the album. You wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out that Jimmy Page and Pete Townsend had supplied the guitar parts, but other than their influence this is pure 70’s style rock from a german band formed in 2010. Like it a lot.

The Temperance Movement  - Three Bulleits

They’re back, with a new single, that quite frankly we’ve been waiting for, for bloomin’ ages. The new album comes out in January so this track will have to do in the meantime, and it’ll do me nicely thank you. 

David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock

Now what is that little jingle at the start of this track? It’s driving me crazy, I should know it but I can’t place it. Other than that, the next 4 minutes and 50 seconds float by in a wave of velvety happiness as Gilmour makes amends for Floyd’s final album (wasn’t a fan, The Endless River could have done with a dam roughly halfway through for me). Still a total master of his craft, I could listen to Gilmours spacewalk guitar licks for ever and there’s plenty of walking on this track to keep me more than happy.

Skindred - Under Attack

To go from David Gilmour to Kindred’s very own brand of Ragga/Metal might seem a little strange. But who said this playlist had to follow any rules?  I cannot praise this band highly enough, I really can’t. Their sound is totally unique for me and I can’t wait to see them live in Nottingham in November. Listen, stand up, take off your shirt and whirl it around above your head, it’s time for the Newport Helicopter everyone, you just can’t help it.

BabyMetal - Gimmie Chocolate!

Loathed by some, hated by many more, but praised in equal measure. Opinion is divided as to whether BabyMetal are the future or just a horrible novelty act blighting the present. Personally I think they’re terrific, full of fun, a bit odd yes, but then I’m sat in a hotel room in Japan writing this and looking out of my window, everything seems a little strange but never in a bad way. A Japanese GP playlist wouldn’t be the same without some BabyMetal, enjoy folks, if this is the future, I’m in.