Autosport International Tracks: Sleeve-Notes

Monster Truck - Don’t Tell Me How To Live

One of the best rock albums in recent years was ‘Furiosity,’ the debut release from these big sounding Canadian retro rockers. It’s still on heavy rotation at Chez Croft and if this track from the new release ‘Sitting Heavy,’ due out in February, is anything to go by, I get the feeling there’s going to be some real competition!

Man do these guys know how to write a catchy rock song.


Israel Nash - Myer Canyon

I included a track from his 2015 album Israel Nash’s Silver Season on the #Croftys100 playlist, such a beautiful album, full of gorgeous harmonies and melodies that carry you away on a warm soft breeze to places full of happiness.

The thing is though, his previous release, Rain Plans, is even better. The influence of Neil Young running with abandon throughout, but his now resident of Dripping Springs, Texas, retains enough originality to more than make his own mark. The comparisons can be made, but in all honesty, they’re unnecessary such are the delights on offer.

In short, the album is just brilliant and this track is just adorable. Find a pair of quality headphones, lay back, press play and float away. Again and again and again :)))


Dawes - All Your Favourite Bands

More than a nod to the romanticism and harmonies of 1970’s Laurel Canyon rock on this one too. The title track, of Dawes 4th album. A lament, a farewell to an old pal, and for me, one of the most god damn beautiful things you could ever wish for a person as they embark on their new life without you.

“May all your favourite bands stay together”

Amen to that brother, Amen to that


The White Buffalo - Dark Days

Fans of the TV series ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ may well have heard from Jake Smith in his guise as The White Buffalo previously. Sadly for me, I’m not amongst them, but I have really enjoyed discovering their catalogue of good ole’ country rock and roll. Sometimes there’s nothing like the twang of Steel Pedal Guitar to widen the grin and this is one of those times. Love & The Death Of Damnation is a fine album and this is one of the stand out tracks.


Ryan Hamilton - 4 Letter Verb

Back in November, a very kind man by the name of Leighton Brown said that if I was after happy, sunny, tunes then I should give ‘Hell Of A Day’ by Ryan Hamilton a spin. So I did, and Leighton was absolutely spot on. In fact Ryan himself then tweeted me to tell me to get with the program :) Since, then, with a fair few plays whilst in the car, this track has rather grown on me. I say grown on me, more like, moved in and claimed squatters rights!

Man is it catchy. The kids now sing along in the car, and for those cold winter days, it doesn’t half put a smile on your face. So the moral of this story is, if someone says check out a track, ignore them at your peril. Cheers Leighton