David Croft Writes for Silverstone

Boy, do we have lots of press conferences over the course of a Grand Prix weekend. So much so that a single reporter can’t actually go and listen to every driver speak on the Thursday as many of them talk at the same time.

In truth, Formula 1 journalists and broadcasters are lucky in that they get plenty of access to the people they want to talk to, more so than other sports I’ve worked in. And for the fans that should be a good thing as you get plenty of chances to hear from your favourite driver/team principals and have them answer questions that hopefully add to your knowledge and interest in the sport.

Lots of access, lots of questions, lots of time spent talking and don’t forget to factor in the sponsor events that the drivers attend over the course of the weekend as well. So I can understand when a driver finds the whole thing pretty tedious and has about as much wish to be in a press conference as he has in being dropped into a pit full of snakes.

It was clear that Lewis Hamilton didn’t want to be at the FIA Press Conference last Thursday, from the moment he turned up. You’ll have no doubt read all about what happened, seen the Snapchat photos, or even watched it live or seen the repeats.

I went along, I didn’t have a particular question to ask, but I like to have a listen sometimes and see if there’s anything that could be used as part of my commentaries over the course of the weekend. In truth, there wasn’t much, it was a bit on the dull side. Except of course the fall out over Lewis and his Snapchat antics.

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