Crofty's Tracks

Drive-By-Truckers - Ramon Casiano

The opening track of The Truckers 11th and best in a long, long while, album. It tells the tale of a gun rights advocate and former NRA leader who shot and killed a 15 year old boy, but escaped jail. Billed as the bands most political album to date, it never shies away from examining some harsh realities that face America and its people today, whilst musically never failing to shy away from theirno-nonsense rock, a style that has a renewed swagger about it, especially on tracks such as this.

Blackberry Smoke - Waiting For The Thunder

Personally I found The Smoke’s last album a little disappointing. So it’s great to see them return with a new release, Like An Arrow, that’s just a little more….. well, a little more of how the band should sound for me. Waiting For The Thunder is a perfect example, a proper anthem for any music fan who fancies a Zeppelin/Skynyrd mash up. Check out Sunrise In Texas too, a more laid back feel to that track. The band’s Southern style coming through a little more than the UK rock influence of Waiting For The Thunder. A fabulous band, good to see them back on form.

Reckless Kelly - Radio

Its country with a grunge feel and in total contrast to their 2013 release Long Night Moon, a more laid back album than Sunset Motel from which this tune is taken. Reckless Kelly are back with a much more rocky sound and a track here that would sound so good blasting out of the car stereo whilst heading down a highway somewhere in Texas. As the band examine though, music this good is rarely to be heard on mainstream radio, personally I tire of some of the absolute dross that is served up by UK stations as daytime listening. So it’s a good thing you’ve got my playlist to keep you company if you are driving about. Well I hope it is.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Symptom of Terminal Illness

Catch them whilst you can folks, Dillinger Escape Plan won’t be around for much longer. The plan is to disband after they finish their tour for their latest album Dislocation from which this track is taken. A track that is somewhat of a departure from the usual furiosity that DEP unleash on their audience, but in no way lacking in intensity as a result. I’ll confess I don’t like everything that DEP produce, but when they get it right, boy are they a brilliant sound and on this track they get it more than right for me.

Sarah Jarosz - Everything To Hide

And from Hardcore Metal to the beautifully tender vocals of Sarah Jarosz and a track from her summer release Undercurrent. This is stark, a light touch, just Jarosz vocals and guitar picking. But it’s so gorgeous it really is. Songwriting of the highest order, musically such a simple track, storytelling that trusts the audience to keep faith rather than rely on heavy orchestral gimmicks to keep them amused. And yes, she hails from Austin, so it would be a crime not to feature her in a week that I look forward to all year. F1 and some of the greatest music you could wish to here, what more could you want?