David Croft Writes for Silverstone

To my left as I write this blog, waiting to board our plane back to Blighty, sits Johnny Herbert, who for a man who has successfully managed to get his box of chicken nuggets through the x-ray machine and security guards, is unusually unhappy.

I wouldn’t say his face is turning the same shade of red of Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari, but it could be a close run thing at this rate.

Cries of “Bloody stupid rule!” and “Don’t they want racers to race?” punctuate the calm air of the lounge. Any minute now and we’re going to get “It was never like that in my day”, seriously, it’s only a matter of time.

And what has got the ever smiling Herbert in a bit of a tiz this evening? The news, which broke only minutes ago, that Sebastian Vettel didn’t actually finish 3rd in the Mexican Grand Prix, but 5th. Vettel’s crime, depending on which side of the Essex/Hertfordshire border you hail from this evening, is that he moved around in the braking zone, just as Daniel Ricciardo was trying to steam down the inside and pass him in the crazy closing stages of today’s race.

Now, as far as Johnny is concerned, there was still space for Ricciardo. He didn’t have to take to the grass, and as a result, there was no problem. Squeezing, is part of race craft and therefore all part of the game. Forgive me for this, but I’m prepared to play devil’s advocate on this one and suggest that if Seb (and more so his team and team mate) have had issues with drivers dancing around in the braking zone this season, the last thing he should be doing is following suit in the very next race since the FIA decided to forbid drivers from doing just that.

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