Crofty's Tracks

Whiskey Myers - Stone

Call it Southern Rock, call it Americana or alt-Country, call it want you want quite frankly but whatever style Whiskey Myers play, there’s no doubting its quality. And from the opening almost jazzy, soft piano chords this track about a heartbroken man drinking his sorrows away, will grab you and carry you with it. It builds, let’s you drift, claws you back and just when you think it’s all over, it comes back for me. The album ‘Mud’ is a super album, this for me is the best track on it by far.

Hunter and The Bear - Oh Daisy

Like the previous track, I first heard Oh Daisy when listening back to Bob Harris earlier this week and like the previous track, this is one that I’ve played and played and played. Such a catchy chorus, proper sing-a-long from a Glasgow band that are well worth taking a closer look at. Another who you expect to be hearing so much more from in the future. This is a super song it really is.

The Paper Kites - Electric Indigo

There’s a real late night feel to this track from Australian band The Paper Kites. The sort of music that makes being awake at 3am all the more pleasurable. It’s not a new track, it’s been around for over a year now, so it’s about time it made the playlist.

Secrets - Half Alive

Another track from Amercian post-hardcore outfit Secrets, that came out last year and taken from the album ‘Everything That Got Us Here’. It’s incredibly catchy and full of energy, enjoy.

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes - Lullaby

If you want energy then Frank Carter is the man to turn to and the ex Gallows front man is back with a new album, Modern Ruin, due for release in January. Lullaby is a little preview of what might be to come, not his most savage of songs, if you’ve heard ‘I Hate You’ you’ll know what I mean by that. It’s almost a classic rock track, less emphasis on punk and oh, it’s definitely not a Lullaby either, but it is bloody good.