Crofty's Tracks

Dropkick Murphys - Blood

The first single aken from their first album release in 4 years, ’11 short stories of pain and glory’ Blood is another one of those typically brilliant anthems from a band who haven’t half released a few decent anthems over the years. “If you want Blood we’ll give you some” they scream, well yes please and hopefully some UK dates on their tour next year as well!

Highly Suspect - My Name Is Human

From Boston’s Celtic Punks to the shores of Cape Cod, where Highly Suspect first came together as a covers band playing in bars. Not for long though, the three guys moved to Brooklyn, got signed to a record label and the rest, as they say, is a very edited version of history! This track, for me, has a certain menace too it, overtones of Soundgarden possibly, but it’s raw and it’s nervy and it’s currently number 1 in the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. Which is deserves to be, it’s a bloody good track.

Mondo Cozmo - Shine

Just who is Mondo Cozmo? So scream most of the headlines when you google his name. And I confess I don’t know much about him at all, except he’s from LA, and if this is what he’s capable of I want to hear more. I just love this and haven’t stopped singing it since I first heard it a couple of weeks ago. It’s the sort of anthem that makes you feel glad to be alive quite frankly, hope you like it.

The Black Moods - Say It For The Last Time

A cracking up beat track from Arizona booze-hounds The Black Moods. Taken from their second album ‘Medicine’ the band describe themselves as the product of if the 70’s and 90’s had a baby! I can see that. They also say that Medicine is baby making music, which I’m not so sure about, but I could certainly let it keep me company on a long drive

Marillion - The New Kings I, II, III & IV

I really like Marillion, always have, always will. It might not be cool, it’s never been fashionable, but to be honest I don’t care a dot. They have always been unexceptional band, in both the Fish and Steve Hogarth era’s and the latest album ‘F.E.A.R’ really is very, very good. This track kind of has the traditional Marillion plus points for me and it builds beautifully with both guitar and keyboard competing for attention underneath Hogarth’s vocals. Close you eyes, cast away your prog rock prejudice and give these guys a chance, you never know, you might like it.