David Croft Writes for Silverstone

So Lewis Hamilton won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Nico Rosberg became the 2016 Formula 1 World Champion. Who’d have thought that eh? Well, to be honest, most of us. It was always the likely scenario but what a tense 55 laps they were on Sunday. Funny how a race run at such a slow pace, turned into such an enthralling spectacle as Lewis Hamilton tried his damnedest to secure a 4th title.

In doing so he went against the wishes and instructions of his Mercedes team. Ignored the calls from his race engineer, Pete Bonnington, to speed up a bit and also from Paddy Lowe, his boss, that the pace he was running was threatening a Mercedes win.

So were Mercedes right to make those calls and was Lewis right to run the race for his own aspirations rather than those of the team? So many opinions have been expressed, but now we’ve had a chance to calm down a bit, here’s how I see it.

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