Crofty's Tracks

I Need Never Get Old - Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats

Another Playlist inclusion for the wonderful Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats. Last year is was for S.O.B, this time around it’s another horn driven track, classic R&B if you like and properly infectious in the way good music should always be.

It’s very much a radio-friendly track but don’t dismiss this is just another pop track, it’s way more than that and if the video where the band attempt over 1000 takes in a bid to get just the right sound has even a degree of reality amongst the humour, it was time well spent.


Wonderful Life - Brian Fallon

Striking out on his own now after putting the Gaslight Anthem on what looks like a permanent hiatus. Fallon has come up trumps with this single from his solo debut album ‘Painkillers’. Easy to compare with the anthems of Roy Orbison, Bruce Springsteen or even Tom Petty, Fallon has, it seems, re-discovered his penchant for the ‘Whoa-oh-oh' that featured on much of his Gaslight material.

‘I don’t want to survive, I want a life on fire’ he states, as if life with his old band had become rather stale. Certainly they’d struggled to stay vibrant in recent years, hence his decision to go-it alone.

This is the first track on the album, almost like Fallon is kicking off with a redemptive theme, and well worth a listen or three. Well, I’ve been playing it regularly for a while now that’s for sure.


Embrace The Journey…Upraised - Killswitch Engage

Back for a second album following the return of original lead vocalist Jesse Leach, the pioneers of metalcore are proving that they’ve lost nothing of their energy over the last 17 years. Leach’s guttural screams and harsh raspy harmonies add an edge to their music that suits very well. It may not be to everyones taste but these boys are a master of their craft and the album, Incarnate, is littered with killer tracks and this is my favourite of them all. Enjoy.


Holy Water - Inglorious

New ‘Classic Rock’ from a UK Band that have been attracting plenty of plaudits for their big guitar riffs and soulful vocals. Holy Water is taken from their debut album, released back in February and if I was to say that the lead singer was inspired by the likes of Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Bad Company, just one listen to this fantastic tack would confirm that.  It’s got a bluesy swagger of which David Coverdale would be proud.


Iron Sky - Paolo Nutini

So after watching a live performance of this 2014 track, Adele tweeted the one word review, ‘F**k !’ and said it was “One of the best things I’d seen in my life, hands down”

I cant disagree with any of that, even if I wanted to. This is an epic track, the bleakness of its subject is underpinned by a moody bass line, punctuated by a strong horn section melody, and Nutini’s vocals crying out, almost in anger of the frustrations he feels with the political world around him. And it even samples Charlie Chaplin too

It’s not a new track, it came out in 2014, but I love it and it’s a song that from the very first listen, gets it’s hooks into you and never lets you go.