A Note from Crofty

So where have the last 8 weeks gone?

It seems only minutes ago that we were walking through Albert Park in anticipation of what the 2016 season might bring us. Now I look out of my hotel window across the rooftops of Barcelona and we’re four races down already.

It’s been a great start to the season if you’re Nico Rosberg, less so if you’re his team mate. But with 17 more races to go, there’s plenty of time for Lewis to catch up.

By my calculations I’ve flown over 34,000 miles in the last few weeks too, certainly the air miles are stacking up. Note to self, I must keep a total for the whole year, it would be an interesting exercise.

As a man who likes his stats, I read the other day that Jenson Button had completed 8160 laps at the Circuit de Catalunya in testing alone, which does sound rather a lot. Now when you turn it into distance completed, it’s roughly 1200 miles short of a complete circumference of the earth, sounds like even longer when you put it like that.

He’ll be staying in his motor home near the circuit this weekend with quite a few of the drivers opting to do that rather than make the trek to and from the city. As for us in the Sky F1 team, we’ll be staying a short hop from Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium, and I’ll be there on Saturday night watching Bruce Springsteen in concert. Now I’ve seen Bruce more times than I care to remember but never in a stadium that big. As soon as I realised he was in town I was straight on the phone to buy some tickets.

So I’ll take some photos of the evening and put them up on the website, it promises to be a fantastic night, just as this F1 season is shaping up very nicely too. Overtaking is on the up, we had over 128 overtakes in China alone and there are plenty of stories developing to keep us interested as we head into the European races stage of the year.

Hope you’re enjoying it back at home and thanks for paying a visit to my website.