Crofty's Tracks

Hard Working American’s - Half Ass Moses

Taken from the LP Rest In Chaos, Todd Sneider and the boys return with a selection of gritty tales of the broken, drunk and fatalistic. Half Ass Moses, like a lot of the tracks on the album, sounds like a jam session, and a far cry from Sneider’s stock in trade acoustic guitar and harmonica Americana. But it’s a fine tune with some fabulous harmonies and well worth spreading the word for.

Volbeat - Seal The Deal

They’re back and not a moment too soon. With a new album due out next month, Danish Heavy Metal band Volbeat have given us a taste of what’s to come with this high energy title track that is bound to become a real Festival crowd pleaser over the summer months. Seal the deal and Let’s Boogie for a while they cry, amen to that and welcome back boys.

A Thousand Horses - First Time

For those wondering what the hell ever happened to The Black Crowes, I think I have the answer Ladies and Gentlemen! They’re called A Thousand Horses and man could this union of southern rock and anthem soulful vibe catch on. According to the band themselves this song is about being in that moment, having that feeling when you meet somebody and they totally just knock you out, especially when you least expect it. Well I don’t know about that but the song itself absolutely knocked me sideways and I confess, it has been played in the Commentary Box before a race or two! Hope it does the same for you too.

Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Wipeout Turn

Who is Big Head Todd and how many Monsters does he have? Todd is Todd Park Mohr and there seems to be 3 Monsters with him, friends from high school in Colorado. They produce some mighty fine blues, their version of ‘Boom Boom’ with John Lee Hooker guesting is very, very good. But they also release some catchy tracks such as ‘Wipeout Turn’. Sounding like the best bar band you could wish to see in Denver on a Friday night out, it’s a track to let wash over you, put a smile on your face as you indulge in the sheer please of its simplicity, and then press repeat. Because you will, once just isn’t enough.

Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence

One of the greatest songs ever recorded and for me, a quite brilliant cover version. But don’t just take my word for it, Paul Simon liked the bands treatment so much he actually contacted David Draiman to tell him so, and then tweeted about it so that nobody would miss out. It’s haunting, moody and if you haven’t seen their performance on American TV that had Paul Simon reaching for his keyboard, then here it is