Crofty's Tracks

Waves - Altered Sky

Another track for which I have to thank Bob Harris for introducing me to. Well not just me, to everyone really, just as he has been doing since Keith Richards was a lad! He played it on his show a few weeks ago and it’s been played a fair few times by me since.

Waves is the standout release from Altered Sky’s debut album Without Wonderland. A top pop-rock tune with brilliant vocals from Ana Nowosielska, who really finds her range on his track.

Hailing from Glasgow, Altered Sky are on tour in the UK at the end of March, if there’s any justice there will be many more tours to come and way bigger venues to fill.

I Am The Fire - Halestorm

I recently managed to catch Halestorm in concert, opening the bill with Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry following. Sorry but it’s time they stopped doing that. This is a band who should be headlining their own shows, not playing 3rd fiddle.

Listen carefully to this track, there’s no doubled vocals, no harmonies, this is vocalist Lzzy Hale at her very best and not relying on any outside help to showcase why she’s one of the best rock singers out there at the moment, even gaining a cheeky nod as a possible replacement for AC/DC’s Brian Johnson if he’s unable to continue touring.

I can imagine Hale blasting out Whole Lotta Rosie night after night and it’s not the most stupid of suggestions. In the meantime though, I’m more the happy with what she, and the band are producing. This is a song about owning it, that nobody is holding you back except yourself. A strong message and a strong sound. I love it.

Run You - The Qemists

A particular favourite track, not just by me, but by my 7 and 8 year old sons who I caught singing this when I walked into the living room the other day.

I must confess I don’t know a huge amount about the band, but in the absence of Pendulum, this will do nicely. Run You is the first single taken from their album Warrior Sound, the first release in over five years. It as catchy as school playground nits quite frankly and I expect to hear it popping up for some time. Especially at home as the boys, quite rightly, can’t stop playing it.

People Live Here - Rage Against

First up, this is a brilliant tune.

Secondly, refer to my first point.

‘An exasperated sigh, a desperate plea and an honest appraisal of the human condition in these times’, according to lead singer and guitarist Tim McLlrath. It’s slow, stark, very very sad and utterly beautiful. Rise Against are a fantastic band and this, for me, is them at their very best. I may be biased here, but it’s impossible not to love this track.

Way Down We Go - Kaleo

As is the way these days, I first heard this track on a TV show, Blindspot, for the record. Since when I’ve heard it in a couple of trailers and also on FIFA 16. Which I’m delighted about because it so deserves to be heard by as wide an audience as possible.  Hailing from Iceland, Kaleo produce brilliant classic rock tunes, or in this case, smouldering, blues infested songs, perfect for the latest of late nights. You may have come across this band already, I have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future.