David Croft Writes for Silverstone

I’m inclined to think that we all have a lucky number. I have a fondness for 42 and would definitely choose it as my racing number if I ever got the call up. Unlikely I know, but just in case anyone else out there wants to pinch it, hands off!

With my birthday being on the 19th of the month I have from time to time put a few chips on ‘Lucky Number 19’ on the roulette table, and once in Vegas, my luck came in when the ball settled on just that. Hence as far as I’m concerned now, 19 is lucky, even if I probably lost more than I won on that trip.

Sportsmen and women of course, have to deal with luck all the time and it’s way more costly or beneficial to them than a bit of profit or loss on the roulette table.I’m fascinated by the subject of luck in the opening three races of this years Formula 1 season and in China on Thursday I had a little conversation about it with Nico Rosberg.

I put it too him that he was getting the rub of the green so far and had he thought about that at all?