David Croft Writes for Silverstone

There were parties, of course there were parties. There were late nights too. It was Monaco Grand Prix week and if I said that I went to bed early and didn’t enjoy a drink or two on one of the yachts in the harbour, you’d never believe me.

Ten years after I first came to this race, the appeal, excitement and enjoyment haven’t diminished in any way. Plus, the view from the back of the commentary boxes still remains one of my favourite vistas and I could spend hours just watching the comings and goings in the harbour.

This one isn’t too shabby either. It was taken from the Hotel Hermitage on a gloriously sunny Wednesday evening. The, back of the stand where the Commentary Boxes are situated, is partially hidden by the lamppost, if you want to know where we are. It’s the stretch between the exit of the swimming pool chicane and Rascasse.

Incidentally, I was at the Hotel Hermitage as I’d been invited to a reception by Moonlake Entertainment, who were in town to film a series of interviews for their forthcoming film on the history of the Monaco GP. Watch out for that later in the year.

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