Crofty's Tracks

Live In The Dark - Jeff Beck

The first single to come from Beck’s new album, Loud Hailer. “A statement” he says “about some of the nasty things I see going on in the world today”. And if he’s going to continue to make that statement in this sort of vain, I for one can’t wait to here what more he’s got to say. Vocals and co-writing, come from Rosie Bones, Bill Odie’s daughter, yep the former goodie. The guitar sound is nothing less than you’d expect from a 2 time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. 50 plus years on and still going strong.

Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life - Hammock

This is not a new track but it popped up on a random playlist a couple of weeks ago and it’s just gorgeous. One haunting and succinct lyric line, guitar textures and melodies, strings and a musical experience that builds and builds. It might not sit well alongside some of my more metallic choices but the right tune is always the right tune and if you’re relaxing, particularly if it’s late at night, this is definitely the right tune.

The Motherload - Mastadon

The video might have gone down like a Nigel Farage stand up routine at a Vote Remain tea party, but the song itself is an absolute tune and a half. I’m not encouraging you to check the video out, to be honest the band are too good to produce that, even if it was the satire they claim. So just lie back, headphones on and turn up load.

Trailer - Mudcrutch

So I heard this, played it again, and thought, blimey? This doesn’t half sound like Tom Petty. Which of course it is. He’s recently reunited his pre-Heartbreakers outfit for a folk-rock tune that reminisces as it meanders through guitar riffs, organ chords and blasts of Harmonica. Originally released as part of Record Store Day and now on the album Mudcrutch 2, it’s a trip down memory lane I’m more than happy to share.

Trouble - Hamish Anderson

And this ladies and gentlemen, is how they used to do it back in the 70’s! Except, it’s brand new!! After a couple of critically heralded EP’s there’s a full length album coming out i the autumn and this is the pre-curser. It’s like Bad Company never went away and I can’t wait to hear more.