Crofty's Tracks

Empty - Pvris

If you’ve not come across Pvris yet, where have you been all this time? This track is taken from the deluxe version of, White Noise, a quite brilliant debut album. What was once a heavy, gritty song is now haunting and way more sombre, and it works so well.

Hated - Beartooth

A new track from this Ohio based Metalcore outfit which I’m hearing a lot at the moment and I have no complaints about that. It’s fist in the face Mosh music with a sing-a-long chorus and you can tell that whilst the band have lost none of their intensity on their latests releases, they’ve been listening to the likes of the Foo Fighters a lot. Imagine Dave Grohl has joined Slayer and you get the picture!

I Bring The Weather With Me - The Amity Affliction

More Metalcore, this time from Down Under, and a new single ahead of The Amitty Affliction releasing their new album ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ in August. For a band known for their songs that deal with anxiety and depression, the track listing indicate that it could be heavy going once more. Saying that, this is a belter of a track and well worth a listen, even if you don’t think it could be your thing

The Ballard Of Millie Dean - Delaney Davidson

Delaney Davidson is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand and to be honest I hadn’t got a clue who or what he was until this song dropped onto my Spotify via the Discover Weekly playlist. Whether it was because the sun was shining or I was just in the mood for something mellow, but it was an instant like and a must for this weeks playlist. Minnie Dean was a farmer I’ve found out, who took in unwanted children but couldn’t look after them properly, didn’t have the infrastructure and sadly the children it seems, died. An awful nice tale, but as is often the case with music, it’s a gorgeous song.

Hollow - Breaking Benjamin

This track came out last year, you’ll find it on their Dark Before Dawn album. An album that took shape around the time that lead singer Benjamin Burnley put a halt to the music to find out why he was in such chronic pain medically. 300 Doctors later, according to the man himself, “I’ve got nothing. And I’m still extremely sick!” So is Hollow about his condition and how it’s left him? Make your own mind up but if you’re at Download this weekend, check out their first ever UK performance and enjoy.