Crofty's Tracks

Soundcheck - Catfish And The Bottlemen

Loving this track at the moment, brilliant foot stomping chorus, simple riffs. Something familiar about it, whilst still sounding fresh and new.  The band town the Best British Breakthrough Award at this years Brit’s and I’m sure are going down an absolute storm at festivals around the world.


Bad Reputation - Adelitas Way

So close your eyes, turn the volume up and just listen. Now tell me you don’t hear the James Bond theme running throughout this track? No? Listen again, and picture Bond striding into view, turning to the camera and aiming his gun. Now you hear it, don’t you? Apologies for the bad language in the song, but no apologies for putting this on the playlist, it’s a proper dance around the living room track, leaving you shaken, not stirred!!


Lost And Alone - From Ashes To New

I’m playing catch up here as this track has been out for a few months now, but I only stumbled across it very recently and I love it, so there :)) From Ashes To New hail from Lancaster, that’s Pennsylvania, not Lancashire. Lost And Alone comes from their debut album and much more else, I really don’t know, so let’s just sit back and listen, eh?

Rise - Sixx A.M.

Crue are gone, Sixx A.M on the evidence of their current album, could be here to stay for some time. Prayers For The Damned is a top album and Rise, the first single from it, is a brilliant way to open it up. Sixx says that "the band are in the most creative place of their careers” True or not, they’re a damn sight more creative than he would have been flogging the Motley Crue dead horse any longer. It’s quite clear that Sixx A.M are much more than just a side project and four albums in, fully deserve the praise they’re getting.

Dyin - Elizabeth Cook

Bit of a detour from the other tracks on this weeks playlist but why not? Here’s a really strong track, that sticks, not only, to the tried and tested ‘Country’ format but hauls in the ‘blues’ as well. In all honesty, it’s more blues than country but Cook’s melodies still remind you more of Nashville than Robert Johnson’s Crossroads! Dying is taken from the album ‘Exodus of Venus’ which is well worth a listen or three, and I get the feeling you’ll be quite happy to do so.