David Croft Writes for Silverstone

6.45pm Whittlebury Park, Northamptonshire, less than a mile from Silverstone.

So that’s that for another year, the British Grand Prix is over and Lewis Hamilton is heading off to party wherever he chooses to party tonight.

Nico Rosberg has been handed a 10 second penalty and leads the Championship by just a single point now, and Max Verstappen is waiting to swop trophies with the Mercedes driver, should the Brackley team fail in their appeal.

The fans, all 139,000 of you, are still making your way home, the traffic is moving and trust me, I’ve seen way worse queues at races around the world.

As for me, some 12 hours or so after I got up this morning, it’s time to put my feet up and relax after what has been, as always, an enjoyable, but exhausting few days.

My race day started at 7am, up and out of bed, speaker switched on and some choice rock tunes burst through the silence. I stay at Whittlebury Park over the course of the Grand Prix, right next to the track and perfect for a short ride in to the circuit on my scooter. Now I don’t normally give anybody a lift but I did stumble across Ted Kravitz this morning, looking a little lost and lonely. Hence the sight of two middle aged men riding into the track, looking a tad uncomfortable as there really wasn’t much room on the bike at all!

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