David Croft Writes for Silverstone

8pm - Graz Airport Sunday 3rd July 2016

Graz isn’t the biggest airport in the world and the bar is currently struggling to cope with the sudden influx of a group of thirsty Formula 1 journalists, mechanics and engineers, all eager for a beer after a hard weekend at the track.

There are smiles on the faces of the McLaren and Red Bull parties this evening, after superb drives from Jenson Button and Max Verstappen. Contrast that with the Force India team for whom this afternoon promised much and delivered, ultimately, nothing. Renault are sat elsewhere reflecting on a fairly good day at the track, no points but they finished higher than they started with both cars. Whilst the journalists hurriedly finish off writing their copy or in my case, this blog, before they get home.

Ferrari definitely win the award for best team travel kit, Blazers for the boys, very smart. And Mercedes, fitting for the team that actually won the race today, take the trophy for best departure strategy. They’re on an earlier flight to the rest of us and are waiting on the plane already. Some calm maybe after the storm of the previous few hours.

So what happened on the final lap at the Red Bull Ring and how do Mercedes move on from here? Or do they need to move on, after all, aren’t they giving the fans exactly what we all want why letting their drivers race each other and by not imposing team orders?

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