David Croft Writes for Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton stood in the pitlane talking to Martin Brundle taking it all in. He’d just completed a run of 6 races in 8 weeks and overturned a Championship deficit that at the Spanish Grand Prix was 43 points and now stood at 19 points in his favour.

After a pretty horrible home race for his team mate, Hamilton declared that he was now off to the beach where he intended to have a Pina Colada in his hand as soon as possible.

And why not? He’s earned his time in the sun.

Meanwhile further down the Paddock thoughts of a Pina Colada were about as distant from Daniil Kvyat’s mind as his podium in China back in April. Looking at his current demeanour you’d argue that his summer break is more Siberia than Ibiza. He started the season with all the hope and now he’s answering questions about his future, things have changed so dramatically that some time in Siberia might seem like an attractive proposition at the moment.

His head is down and his form is suffering with it, just 2 points scored since losing the Red Bull seat. Off the track, he’s far from the happy soul of Austin 2013 who we dragged aboard the Sky Sports F1 bus, just so we could establish whether he really was the Russian twin of Simon Lazenby! Seriously, separated at birth and by a few thousand miles!

At that stage the world was his lobster (technically that should be oyster but I always prefer their clawed crustacean cousins). Soon to be GP3 Champion, he’d spend the next season at Toro Rosso finishing 15th in the Championship but doing enough to earn a promotion to Red Bull the season after. Kvyat finished 7th in the Championship that year, helped by a 2nd place in Hungary, and finished ahead of Daniel Ricciardo.

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