Crofty's Tracks

Metallica - Hardwired

So what do you think of Metallica? Everyone has an opinion right, and whatever your view, and there are some pretty extreme views out there, you’re probably justified in having it. What’s true is that a band who have produced some utter classic rock tracks over the years, have rather let things slip in recent times. I say recent, when was the last time they made a really really good album? But if form is temporary and class is permanent then hope always springs eternal and this first release from the long awaited new album, due out in November doesn’t have give the eardrums some hope that the boys are back on form. Take a listen. What do you think? It’s worth the effort.

RavenEye - Hero

Hailing from the rock and roll New City of Milton Keynes, RavenEye have a debut album coming out in September and this track is taken from it. “Inspired by the idea of complacency and how can lull one into feeling bigger than who one really is, and for all the wrong reasons”, says singer and guitarist Oli Brown. “Big Riffs and very catchy,” says me!

The Cult - G O A T

Zeppelin style riffs and the ferocious big drum beats ring loud and clear on this belter of a track from The Cult’s last album, Hidden City. Ian Astbury’s vocal sounds as strong as ever too, not bad for a man that has been at the helm of this outfit for the best part of 33 years now. A super track it really, really is.

Anthrax- Breathing Lightning

How can I include Metallica on a playlist and forget Anthrax? Just not possible right? The New York side of Thrash Metal’s Big 4, bounded back this year with their 11th studio album, For All Kings, back in February, featuring this track. Soft and subtle at the beginning and end, a fresh sound for a band who first made their mark on the metal scene some 30 years ago. The chorus is almost sing-a-long too, certainly a departure from some of their previous work, but it’s not to the songs detriment. Joey Belladonna’s vocals make sure of that and free from the bands typically angsty sound, makes us believe that he’s having fun, back where he belongs and back on form.

One Less Reason - Where Were You

Angry, but catchy! Not my line but I can’t think of a better way to describe this track from the Tennessee band One Less Reason. Great driving track, perfect for the windows down, summers afternoon, feel the warm breeze, spin in the Merc. And if you like, there’s a whole album of heartfelt and heavy tunes just release by them. Well worth a listen.