David Croft Writes for Silverstone

It’s strange isn’t it? In the last week we’ve flown nearly 7,000 miles back from Singapore and today I’m heading to Heathrow to fly nearly 7,000 miles back in the same direction for the next race, a mere 172 miles away from where I was the Sunday before last.

Quite why, we didn’t go straight to Malaysia and have a back to back race I don’t know. It would have been slightly more logical, but then things don’t always make total sense.

Like the title battle this season. Does it make sense that Nico Rosberg can win 4 races in a row and open up a 43 point lead over his rival in the other Mercedes? Only for Lewis Hamilton to hit back over the summer months and go into the shutdown with a 19 point advantage. Then for Nico, after only 1 win in his last 8 races, to return from the beach, take the next three races in a row and lead the Championship once again.

Drivers fortunes fluctuate from race to race, over at Ferrari Vettel and Raikkonen have swapped positions in the title race 6 times this year, but with Rosberg and Hamilton its feast or famine it seems.

So what happens from here on in? Six races to go and there’s really nothing in it. Who will come out on top once the Chequered Flag drops in Abu Dhabi? Nobody knows, but we all have a theory or two, don’t we?

Interestingly this week Daniel Ricciardo has said he believes Nico will do it. “Before the summer break when Lewis made up that deficit on Nico, I thought no one was going to touch Lewis, but Nico has come back,” he said. “I’m going to throw a spanner in the works and say Rosberg [will win it].”