Crofty's Tracks

The Damn Truth - Broken Blues

First up this week, some brilliant, moody, gritty blues from the Montreal band The Damn Truth. With a nod to 70’s Classic Rock the track builds and builds with Lee-la Baum’s vocals adding a power to the pounding riffs, shades of Janis Joplin, but it would be wrong to compare. If there’s any justice in this world, you’re going to hear a lot more from this band in the future.

Bear’s Den - Auld Wives

Taken from Bear’s Dens second album ‘Red Earth & Pouring Rain’ this stand out single tackles the heartbreaking process of losing a loved one to dementia. Deeply personal it reflects on singer Andrew Davie’s grandfather who developed Alzheimer’s in his old age. It reminds me very much of The War On Drugs - If you’ve never heard Lost In The Dream put that right straight away - beautiful lilting acoustic guitar with the synthesiser’s adding melody to a song that has a darker quality in it’s arrangements. It really is a beautiful tune.

Passenger - When We Were Young

I must admit, I’ve come to enjoy Michael Rosenbergs music a little later than most, but it’s been good to catch up and for the last few days I’ve been listening a lot to his new album ‘Young as the morning, Old as the sea.’ Somehow the album hasn’t been as critical acclaimed as his previous works, personally I think the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you. This is not an instant hit, it needs patience. Either way When We Were Young, a track of self-reflection is one of the stand out tracks on it and I hope you agree.

Welshly Arms - Love In A Minor Key

More bluesy rock, this time from Cleveland outfit Welshly Arms and a track that I dare you not to be dancing along two within the first 30 seconds. Sadly, I couldn’t resist and fear I may have startled a couple of members of staff in our Malaysia Hotel when I walked round the corner singing loudly and throwing a few shapes this morning!! Deep, heavy, beats, a slight distortion on the guitar and organ and vocals that are easy to sing-slog too, less simple to remove from your brain. I warn you, this track will stick in your head for ages and you might not be able to rid yourself of it’s delights, nor should you really want to

Shawn Mendes - Mercy

Just why such good music continues to poor out of Canada I have no idea, nor do I intend to question the fact. But this outstanding track from Mendes new album ‘Illuminate’ rather illustrates once again the depth and diversity of this countries contribution to music majesty. From Cancer Bats to Monster Truck to The Damn Truth, Mendes and Rose Cousins, all amazing, diverse and brilliant in their own way. Mendes himself says that he’s never been this excited about a song release as he has about this, the story of a boy who’s in love with a girl, a girl who doesn’t even know he exists. You may have your own interpretation, personally I think it’s a song that will resonate with people on so many levels, but have Mercy on yourself and make it part of your own playlist, one of the best tracks of the year for me.