Crofty's Tracks 2017

Come Join The Murder - The White Buffalo

No spoilers here, I’m way behind on Sons Of Anarchy, but I know when I get to the finale I’ll be hearing this tune from Jake Smith, a.k.a The White Buffalo in the finale, eventually. It’s a sprawling, epic song from one of the finest Americana writers out there at the moment and quite frankly, encourages binge watching as I can’t wait to see and hear how it fits in to the end.

Glory - Dermot Kennedy

A young man who has been slowly but surely attracting a lot of support recently and a track that might just be the breakout song. A track that grows in stature and sound, one that builds from a dark, simple steady beat and intensifies then backs off, then intensifies again. Kennedy’s vocals go from almost spoken to a growling wail, it’s a beautiful track and I think you might just be hearing a lot in the months to come

Had Enough - Lower Than Atlantis

Taken from their 5th studio album, this track was released as a single at the end of last year and it’s clearly a track designed for as much radio airplay as possible. The band have been opening to it on their recent tour too. It’s punchy, catchy and after a few listens I certainly haven’t ‘had enough’.

Didn’t He Ramble - Glen Hansard

Released in 2015, Didn’t He Ramble was the second solo album from a man who has been around way longer and made a lot more music than you’d realise. Born and bread in Dublin, Hansard’s worn weary vocals cut through on a track that builds magnificently but yet throughout rolls on, unwilling to slow it’s pace as horns appear and fade and guitar riffs come and go. He may be rambling but there’s nothing wrong with that if this is the end result.

Gimme Shelter - Stone Sour, Lzzy Hale

So I’ve decided that each race I’m going to include a cover version on the playlist. So it was Chickenfoot and Highway Star at the last race, for Bahrain it’s Gimme Shelter. No doubting this is one of the great tunes of all time and I love the treatment given it by the incredibly talented Corey Taylor and the undoubtably lung busting brilliant Lzzy Hale. It’s a new take on a classic song, but yet very much stays true to the original sound. Hope you like it.