David Croft Writes for Silverstone

It’s Thursday morning, somewhere around 11am.  Could be the afternoon though, or the evening, my body clock isn’t quite sure where it is as I stare at the lift doors in front of me.

I’m heading up to the Media Centre at the circuit. Nine floors up and housed in a bridge that spans the track. Right where Giovinazzi crashed in qualifying, and the race. Poor lad, he did have a proper weekend to forget.

Anyway, I’m staring at the lift doors and thinking to myself, I like leaning! I’m also quite a fan of a random button pushing! And whilst I’m not overly keen on slapping the door, I most definitely do enjoy playing and jumping! Who is the person responsible for taking all of these glorious things away from me and is this conclusive proof that F1 just isn’t fun anymore?

Maybe that’s a bit over the top, but I wasn’t happy that leaning, one of life’s best pastimes, had been taken away from me. So, with a little frown on my face, I ventured into the Media Centre to pick up some pre-race weekend info from the nice people at the FIA.

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