Crofty's Tracks 2017

Legendary - Welshly Arms

With a name taken from a Saturday Night Live sketch - hot tub at the Welshly Arms Hotel anyone? - a love of blues with rhythm and soul and good old rock ’n’ roll, what is there not to like about Welshly Arms? And when it comes to this track, what is there not to LOVE? The band have just signed a deal with Universal Music in Europe, so with a bit of luck you’re going to be hearing a lot from them this year, and as for this track…. I don’t think I need to say anything other than it’s… well… just… Legendary! Actually no, it’s better than that!!

Out On The Weekend - Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

Guaranteed to drag you kicking, screaming, foot stamping and clapping your hands, off the sofa and out into the sunshine, this track was released at the back end of last year by a band that seemingly can do no wrong at the moment. If you get a chance, check out Ratliff’s more mellow, solo, acoustic work. But in the meantime, don’t wait until the weekend to listen to this tune, that would be a waste.

Longwaytoneverland - Headstones

The Headstones are a Canadian punk-influenced alternative rock band, that released Longwaytoneverland back in 2013. sadly, I’ve only just heard it, but it’s bluesy, a little bit dirty - a bit sweary too - and belongs quite frankly in a swamp way down south! I love it and once again I find myself asking the question, how did Nickelback ever get so popular when they come from a country that produces so much brilliant music? A question that I guess will never get answered.

Highway Star (Live) - Chickenfoot

First song I ever heard live. Deep Purple at Knewbworth in 1985 and from that day forward…. well let’s just say that my musical tastes took a new direction. It’s not often I’d put a cover version on the playlist, but Sammy Hagar and the boys have done such a top notch job with it, why not? It’s 40 years since Machine Head was first released, Chickenfoot have recorded a studio version of this for the tribute album, but live is where these boys excel and boy do they do a killer job.

Paper Heart - Hunter And The Bear

Thunderous, ballsy, anthemic. Not my words, although I’m not going to disagree, but the words of lead singer Will Irvine, when asked to describe a band that have recently opened up for Eric Clapton and head out as headliners in their own right later this spring. ‘Oh Daisy’ was featured in last years #Crofty’sTracks, Paper Heart is just as good. As I said then, this is a band that deserve to be heard a hell of a lot in the future