Crofty's Tracks 2017

Ride The Night Away - Little Steven

He’s back and out brings a tear to the eye to think that this is his first album in 20 years. Little Steven - Springsteen’s right hand man, activist, pioneer of the Jersey Shore sound, actor, producer, writer and without doubt the coolest man on the planet - has finally remembered that he can sing, and boy can he play!

Soulfire is the album, without doubt a contender for album of the year, proper R&B, boisterous, brassy, bold and bloody brilliant. Ride The Night Away was originally recorded by Jimmy Barnes, later featured on Southside Johnny’s album Better Days and now reunited with it’s owner. You’ll be hooked after the first listen, horns meet classic rock and roll guitars and the result is truly outstanding.

Why We Fight - Fast Romantics

From Little Steven to a song straight out of the Springsteen playbook. Why We Fight comes from the new album from this Toronto based indie band, an album full of anthemic, heart-on-your-sleeve tracks. This single reached number 2 in their native Canada, let’s hope that more global success follows.

Cumberland Gap - Jason Isbell

You’ll know by now that for me Jason Isbell can do no wrong, so I’m counting down the days until his latest album comes out - June 16th, not long to go now. Cumberland Gap is a song about working class desperation, a tribute to the children of the coal mining regions as Isbell paints a picture of the cycle of poverty and desperation in so many of the mining towns. The sound is a considerably more rockier affair than Isbells previous two releases, the squall of feedback that opens the track, an indication that this is a record to make you sit up and take notice, not that you could ever ignore such a talent in the first place.

Thinking Of A Place - The War On Drugs

It’s been three years since the release of the epic ‘Lost In The Dream’ so quite frankly it’s about time we had some new material and boy do we get some bang for our buck with this 11 minute dream like return to form. Almost Dire Straits-esq in it’s length - which is no bad thing for me - it’s Springsteen/Petty inspired Americana with a sprinkling of magnificent dulcet guitar solos, perfect for a lazy summers evening.

Four Walled World  - Temple Of The Dog

Way too many musicians leave us way too early and last week, just hours after playing on stage, Chris Cornell took his own life. I thought it was only right to include one of his tracks on this weeks playlist, if you’re not familiar with him, then hopefully you’ll want to explore further.

I could have included so many songs from a man so talented, but this I think is one of his finest vocal performances, taken from the one off Temple Of The Dog album. The grief, hurt, sorrow and pain is evident in every line. A hidden treasure from an incredible album. 

Chris Cornell, the man who helped shape Grunge, who’s presence on this planet will never be forgotten and who’s vocals were without parallel. RIP x