David Croft Writes for Silverstone

What a race that was then! From crying Ferrari fans, to wheel to wheel contact, to a terrific scrap for the lead and ultimately a driver at the top of his game, expertly backed up by his team, taking a hard fought victory. The 2017 Spanish Grand Prix had a little bit of everything and what a joy it was to be a part of.

It was a weekend of surprises, such a contrast to the Spanish Grands Prix once upon a time where the order the cars crossed the line at the end of the first lap invariably didn’t change up to the Chequered Flag. I’ve talked over some dull races at this track let me tell you.

But from the outset this felt like a different weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya. The wind of change in the sport at the moment, felt like it had blown through and was starting to make a difference. Yes, we had the cold wind and heavy rain on Thursday, not the best surprise, and certainly not what I wanted as I’d left my coat back in the UK. It never rains in Spain – unless you’re standing on some plain somewhere – does it?

Well, it did, I got soaked and I’ve had a cold ever since. Apologies for the croaky voice on Sunday afternoon but, to be fair, I’d had plenty to get excited about by the time Lewis Hamilton crossed the line.

When the fans arrived on Friday they found a whole new Fanzone to entertain. Zip lines, giant transformers, an alternative podium that you could stand on and have your picture taken, just a few of the new initiatives for the paying public. At Silverstone, you guys are well catered for. The circuit does whatever it can to provide a festival atmosphere that you can all enjoy, and it was timely that a few of the Silverstone team were in Barcelona to check out what was on offer and see if they can have it in place for the British Grand Prix in July.

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