David Croft Writes for Silverstone

There has been plenty of comment as I’m sure you’d expect. Lots of finger pointing including, of course, that tweet from the official Ferrari account even before the race had finished. The tweet was taken down shortly after the chequered flag, which was probably a sensible idea given that the Stewards decided that none of the three drivers involved were ‘wholly or predominantly to blame.’ Which means they saw it as a racing incident and on the face of it that was probably the right decision. After all, the biggest punishment for both team and Championship challenger alike, was the fact that as a result of the collisions, they left Singapore with 0 points to show for their efforts.

Don’t forget that this was a race Ferrari had expected to do well in. To hit back at Mercedes straight away, after the hiding that was dished out to them in their own back yard a fortnight ago. And after taking pole position, four corners and a few hundred metres into the race, both cars were out and Vettel’s aspirations of a 5th world title were in danger of being washed away in a Singapore downpour.

So, apologies for the delay in this week’s blog but I’ve travelled on to Bali and the stunning Karma Kandara, for a few days of much needed rest and relaxation. I make no apologies for the holiday pics, the sight of monkeys running around outside my room first thing this morning brought a smile to my face and I wanted to share the view with you all. It’s not bad is it?

The delay though has given me a bit of time to have a think about what happened in Singapore and a chance to watch the start again. More on that in a minute. Lots of fans have tweeted and asked what I thought of it all? So here goes.

I’m still not quite sure what the hell Seb was doing veering over to the left as much as he did? Risking getting involved in an incident that could seriously affect his race. Lewis Hamilton speculated that Verstappen could have been in Seb’s blind spot, which is possible, certainly. But with conditions as they were, a little bit of caution might have the better way forward and for Seb he had more to lose than gain by moving so aggressively across the front of the Red Bull.